Embrace your heritage in meaningful ways, no matter where you call home.

Your heritage and family history matter. And now it's easier than ever to connect with and embrace your Scandinavian roots.

Do you:

  • want to know more about the traditions of your heritage and how to incorporate them into your home?
  • love reading Scandinavian books and watching Scandi movies and want to share them with others?
  • want to bake and cook more traditional Scandinavian foods for each season and holiday?
  • desire practical, accessible, and fun ways to share your heritage with your family and friends?
  • wish you had the skills and resources to tell your family's history (and your own story!)?


In short, do you want to embrace your heritage in meaningful and practical ways and deepen your relationships in the process?

Then join this community of like-minded people also embracing the best of Scandi living in their heart and home

This membership community will help you take a deep dive into the heart of Scandinavian heritage and give you ways to infuse your home and life with all the warmth and hospitality you associate with the best of it.

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A sample of how you'll benefit from becoming a member of The Heart & Huset:


Incorporate age-old traditions and recipes into your home

Deepen your understanding of your heritage and its history

Connect with like-minded people who want community—as well as content

Whether it's in your blood or simply in your heart, Scandinavian heritage is rich with warmth and coziness. Infuse your life with the beauty and hospitality of Scandinavian living, no matter where you call home.

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Food and cultural heritage have a way of connecting us to one another.

And don't we need that more than ever right now? That's why I created The Heart & Huset community, and it would be an honor to have you join us.

If you long to incorporate more of your heritage (or simply your love of all things Scandinavian, no matter your roots) into your life and home, create rich memories with your loved ones by exploring your shared history together, and capture your family's recipes, stories, and history before it's too late, you're in the right place.

I'm Daytona Danielsen, an author who specializes in the connection between food, family, and heritage. I've spent nearly 14 years sharing Scandinavian recipes--first on my (now-retired) food blog Outside Oslo and most recently in my cookbook Modern Scandinavian Baking and in The Heart & Huset. I love the food, history, and culture of my heritage because of the way it connects me to my loved ones, both past and present. I'm guessing you feel the same.

The Heart & Huset is an intimate and engaging community designed to help you get the resources, recipes, and connections you need to live out your best Scandinavian-style life, no matter where you call home. Will you join us?

Coming up in The Heart & Huset this spring:

Fika Friday

Connect with new friends at these live weekly gatherings. The heartbeat of the original Heart & Huset  (Fridays 5pm PT/8pm ET, replays available) 

Scandi Book Club

Make your way through a compelling book chosen for its literary connections to Scandinavian heritage, history, folklore, culture, and more!

Authentic Recipes

Build your Scandi cooking and baking repertoire with curated recipe collections that tie into the season, current book club selection, or theme

Engaging Experts

Take a deeper dive into topics related to the book club selection, season, or area of interest with author talks and expert interviews (replays available) 

Fika Recipe of the Month

Savor a sweet treat curated based on the season and theme while enjoying the conversation and community during Fika Friday


Scandi Movie Nights

Join us on Zoom and we’ll all press ‘play’ at the same time to watch a Scandi movie, show, or documentary while chatting together


All this and Much More!

Join today and become part of this engaging community where friendships are formed and heritage is celebrated.

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Think of The Heart & Huset as a smörgåsbord—you don’t have to eat everything to be satisfied!

Participate in the features that interest you most.

Sometimes you'll have more time than others, and that’s okay.

The Heart & Huset is designed to help you make the most of your heritage, in whatever ways are best for you.

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The spring season of The Heart & Huset gets underway soon, and you won't want to miss the recipes, interviews, community, and book club. Enrollment is now open.

Hurry, enrollment—with this special anniversary price—closes March 27 at 11:59pm PT.

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A rich community and a deeper connection to your roots is waiting for you in the membership.

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